Monday, May 31, 2004

The sound of dying drives...

Ever wondered what a Bad head, or a head crash on a hard drive might sound like well wonder no more. Hitachi has your back, on their support page they have a variety of sounds of HDs crashing and burning so to speak. Check it out, I'm so going to use this when i'm doing tech support.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Seems the wonderful corporate artists at etoy has started an etoy.DAY-CARE, it's goals are:
etoy.DAY-CARE was established in 2001 to reach the following corporate goals:
-to recruit and train outstanding individuals for long term etoy.OPERATIONS
-to research identity issues, group behavior patterns and the creativity potential of children in digital environments
to integrate children into the production of art instead of teaching them about art
-to study future markets and to give etoy a competitive edge
-to test and improve etoy.ART in a playful and innocent environment
Why can't i be 10 again! Seems very cool i'd totally forgottten about etoy. Reminded me i've also lost track of RTMark, i wonder how they are holding up.

More reasons why MPAA/RIAA suck

A gentleman spends the better part of his life documenting his life, how much does it cost him to make the video $218 roughly, yet when he investigates the cost of the music that he wants to license in the video the price sky rockets to $400,000. Though i must admit when i read stories like this i have to ask where did he get his camera and tape from? Also how did he edit this masterpiece? Last time i checked even a cheap Camera ran about $200 for an extremely low end. You easily run into the $500 range without batting an eye. And tape even in bulk isn't cheap. What ticks me off is the ratio, not the exact amounts.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Nice film/video backgrounds

For me i don't have as much free time as i would like to. I don't have time to create like i used to. I haven't yet purchased from these guys, there price is sorta steep, starting at $299 for a set, or $99 for a clip. Their samples look quite beautiful, especially as an alpha channel overlay would add character to just about any video i think.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Boing Boing: Tornado sucks up entire house

What a better way to christen Media Wh0re. Then to link to a mpeg of a Tornado sucks up entire house. Interesting side note is tapes and pictures of storms and tornadoes were what got me into media, both still and motion.

Getting started

Just getting started.